About Us

Established in 2016 HLG Holdings continues to concentrate on acquiring premium development and project sites, portfolio of businesses with its aim to maximise long-term activity and returns. HLG’s carefully considered and innovative policy of creating and managing its own asset portfolio has resulted in its fast growth and resilience.

HLG Holdings’s extraordinarily experienced teams focus on long-term asset growth. The Holding companies philosophy is to avoid exploitation and short-term expediency. For company’s portfolio, development is through investment. Risk is managed by pre-letting major developments. Through this approach, the company has gained strong credibility with conservative institutional investors, enabling HLG to pre-sell major non-portfolio developments.

HLG Holdings biggest strength is its exceptionally talented, detail-oriented management team. Each division manager is responsible for site selection, preparation of market/feasibility analysis, development management, and sale or lease of the project, ensuring the companies commitment to sound investments designed to provide a solid foundation for long-term growth.
Each division is dedicated to developing projects to the highest quality, on time and within budget.